Crowdfunding Vs Islamic Crowdfunding

#EthisEduSeries Ep 1: Crowdfunding Vs Islamic Crowdfunding Transcript: Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh, My name is Ahmad Sabree and I work at Ethis. Today, we are going to be talking about crowdfunding vs Islamic crowdfunding. You may


The 4 Types of Crowdfunding

#EthisEduSeries Ep 3: The 4 Types of Crowdfunding Transcript: Assalaamualaikum w.b.t. My name is Ahmad Sabree. Today, we will be talking about the four models of crowdfunding and how they work, from A to Z.

Islamic Finance Contract: Mudharabah
Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance Contract: Mudharabah

In this article, we will be explaining the concept of Mudharabah and the advantages of using profit-sharing arrangements. What is Mudharabah? Mudharabah is essentially an Islamic term for a profit-sharing arrangement. In a Mudharabah contract,


Islamic Crowdfunding VS Islamic Banking & Finance

#EthisEduSeries Ep 2: Islamic Crowdfunding VS Islamic Banking & Finance Transcript: Assalamualaikum Wr, Wb. My name is Ahmad Sabree, Welcome to the second episode of the Ethis Educational Series. Today, we’re going to talk about

Blockchain technology and Bitcoin in Islamic Finance

Blockchain in Islamic Finance

This article explores the basics of Blockchain technology and its possible applications in the Islamic Finance ecosystem. A new technology in computing is set to revolutionise the world in ways that we never thought possible.


What is Fiber Optics and How Can I be a Part of it?

No, this is not some extravagant light display or a solar galactic phenomenon. What you’re looking at is fiber optics technology; the future of the internet. You must have heard about it or came across


What Is Islamic Crowdfunding?

Islamic crowdfunding came into existence in the last couple years to distinguish itself from mainstream crowdfunding. But what is the difference?


Crowdfunding: A New Way to Grow Your Wealth

You have probably heard of crowdfunding before, but have you considered using it to fructify your savings? Before getting into the details, bear in mind that there are many types of platforms, each for a


Can Islamic Finance Serve 2 billion Muslims?

This short post is meant to initiate discussion and ideas. I am an enthusiast of Islamic Finance but have little experience in Islamic Banking. My ideas below predicates on observation and assumptions, and some data. My


Sharing Economy : 3 Real Benefits of the Sharing Economy

Airbnb (home/room sharing) is now worth more than Hyatt and Hilton Hotels combined. Uber (car sharing) provided 2 million rides a day and continues its global expansion. Lending Club (peer-to-peer crowdfunding) channelled USD2billion in the

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