Halal earning
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How to Earn Halal Money? The Money Mindset

Get Rich Or Die Trying? Nah. While a big house and fancy cars are nice to have – and there’s nothing wrong with having nice things – material abundance should not be one’s ultimate goal.

Islamic Savings
Halal Investment

Marriage And Financial Planning Ideas For Muslims

How do you plan on saving and growing your money after getting married? The majority of people only focus on saving up for marriage ceremonies and are then left financially drained for marriage life itself.

Property crowdfunding

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Property Crowdfunding

When we first think about property investments, our mind would probably picture high net-worth individuals such as billionaire investor, Warren Buffett and his mentor, Benjamin Graham. Today however, having deep pockets is no longer a

Affordable Housing Myth

The Affordable Housing Myth

If you prefer camping out instead of checking into hotels, then you and I may be birds of the same feather. When the travel bugs bite, we’d pack lightly, taking with us only the barest

Investing crowdfunding

Fixed Deposit vs Investing in Crowdfunding

High risk; high returns – The oft-quoted maxim in the investment circle rings true in the minds of many brave souls. Whenever the topic of investing comes about, it is inevitable that risk versus returns

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