shariah compliant investments and social impact
Shariah Compliant

Shariah Compliant Investments & Social Impact

Shariah compliant investments are often considered intricate structures and are sometimes shied away from as they may appear to entail strict and reserved rules that could seem complicated or intimidating to investors. More above, they

How to master Angel Investment
Angel Investment

How To Master Angel Investment In 5 Simple Steps

What is angel investment The term angel investment is fairly common in the world of investment today. It was first used to refer to investors who would fund Broadway theatre plays that would otherwise be

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Ethical Crowdfunding: The Road to Financial Inclusivity

Did you know that crowdfunding has the same principles that form the anchor of Islamic finance, such as promoting financial inclusivity, impact, and sustainability, amongst others? Amidst the rapid rise of fintech in Islamic finance

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Waqf & Islamic Finance: A candid talk with Dr Shamsiah

Today we are joined by Dr Shamsiah Abdul Karim who has been involved in groundbreaking projects and efforts in Islamic finance and especially waqf over the past 30 years. Currently, she is the CEO of

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